8th October - 10am or 2pm

15th October - 10am

17th October - 10am or 2pm

6th November - 2pm

15th November - 10am or 2pm

All open days are for parent/carer(s) only and will be held by a member of our senior leadership team. You will have the opportunity at the end of the tour to ask any questions you may have if they are not already answered. Please contact the main office on 0117 379 0777 to book. Spaces are limited!

We will also be holding an information evening for parent/carer(s) on the 20th November at 7.00pm. This will consist of a more formal introduction to school life at Redfield Educate Together and will again be a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Due to the large numbers that attend this session, a tour will not be available.

Mid-term entry to other year groups and would like the opportunity to come and visit the school, get questions answered and see exactly what Educate Together is all about then please call Cameron in the main office on 0117 379 0777. Please remember we only have years Reception - Year 4 at present.


Redfield Educate Together has 60 available reception places for 2019. Applications for reception class places must be made to the council as part of the Co-ordinated Admissions Scheme. Please click here to be taken to the council admissions webpage.  

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If the school receives more than 60 applications for spaces an over-subscription criteria will be applied to allocate spaces. Further details can be found in our admissions policy.

If unsuccessful for a place this year in Reception we have a waiting list which you may join. If you wish to appeal about an unsuccessful application we follow the Schools Admissions Appeals Code. Click here for a copy of our Admissions Policy and the Appeals timetable and details:


We will be holding open days in October/November 2018 for September 2019 entry which must be booked through the office.

8th October 10.00am or 2.00pm, 15th Oct 10.00am, 17th Oct 10.00am or 2.00pm, 6th Nov 2.00pm, 15th Nov 10.00am or 2.00pm

We will also have an evening session on 20th November at 7.00pm for those who can’t manage day times.

The Head or Deputy Head will show you around the classes, explain what an Educate Together school is like and how we differ to other schools. You will be able to see work children do and activities they can take part in. Spaces are limited to ensure that you have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and also to make sure we don't disrupt the classes too much. We ask that you visit without your child or younger children at this stage as there will be plenty of opportunity for them to visit later. This means you, and other parents, can get more out of your visit.


Reception, Year 1,2,3 and 4 Admissions 2018/19

From time to time we have spaces so if you would like your Reception, Year 1, 2, 3 or 4 child to come our school then please contact Cameron on 0117 3790777 or e-mail on 

Our hope for the first year, especially as she is so young in the year, was that she enjoys learning. As parents we could not be happier. Thank you for all your care, encouragement and support.
— Reception parent









Will siblings get priority?

Yes, siblings have priority over other children for a space here. Children in care and fostered also have priority as do those with specific SEN needs whose EHCP names the school. After that it is decided on proximity to the school. In 2018 our catchment area was under 700 metres. This may vary each year. We follow the Bristol policy on admissions.

Click here to hear Ros Farrell, Headteacher talk about why she chose Educate Together.

Do you employ qualified teachers? 

All our teachers are, and will be, fully qualified teachers. We believe it is important our teachers are the best professionals we can recruit to ensure the best education for the children. 

Do you give homework?

Yes, depending on the age and learning needs of the child and the views of the parents. We believe that this is a choice for parents. We do expect you to hear your child read. See our homework guidance here.

Where do you do sport and PE? 

There is large outdoor sports court in the playground and two internal halls. We have an agreement with Bristol CC to use Netham Park sports pitches as well. The Highways Department have put measures in place to make the walking route there safer.

Will you have music lessons?

As part of the curriculum we will teach music to all children. If families would like their children to have individual or small group tuition that will be available at the usual costs. We will also take up all opportunities for music tuition provided by outside organisations funded through schemes and grants. We currently have specialist music teachers delivering high quality music lessons each week to all year groups.

Are you taking children into older years?

We can take Reception, Year 1, 2, 3 and 4 children. We do not have a Year 5 and 6 yet . We sometimes have vacancies in these year groups so ring the office if interested.

What is your attitude to SATs and exams?

The school is funded by the government so we have to carry out the statutory tests in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 6. Our aim is to make these tests accurate and as low key as possible. We do not tell the children, nor do we cram them or have booster classes. We request that parents do not tell their children as well. These tests are there to inform the government about the school and whether we are teaching to the required standards. We assess the children regularly but they will rarely know. We still do tables tests and spelling tests but these are done in a low stress, high challenge way. Children usually do better if not aware of external pressures and tests. We will still make sure the children have a strong academic base to their learning and that they are ready to do well at Secondary school and in whichever path they choose in their future learning.

Please see here for the presentation given to parents about Phonics and Sats tests.