Afterschool clubs

Each half term our staff volunteer to run free after school clubs for the children. Recently we have had various sports including kick-boxing, football, gym; art and design, lego, library, French, cookery and much more. Take a look at some of the exciting activities they have taken part in: 


Cooking with Yasmin


Allotment club with michelle and lindsay

Week One

In our first trip back to the allotment after the Easter break, we transferred the carrots that Year 2 had planted from small pots into the ground. We also caught up on a little bit of weeding!

week two

This week the children planted some onions. They also watered the carrot plants they planted the week before and did an amazing job at weeding and clearing a huge area, ready to do more planting next week.

week three

Arriving this week at the allotment we were kindly greeted by an allotment neighbour who asked the children if they would like some bean plants he had. The children were excited and very grateful. At the end of last week the reception classes planted some of the beans from their classes so they were added to them. We also divided the area they prepared the week before and planted some cauliflower, beetroot and peas!

Hockey Club with james b