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The new school council representatives have been elected. They are already having meetings and are currently discussing some ideas with their classes.  

Starfish - Milo and Thea           Seahorses - Erin and Farley         Turtles - Chesnay and Molly         Penguins - Tom and Poppy 

Dolphins - Ayah and Oscar           Coral - Tyler and Fifi           Seadragons - Oscar and Isla          Whales - Molly and Angelo

School Council CAMPAIGN

The school council campaign is currently underway. Children have been shortlisted in their classes and have displayed posters around the school. Secret ballot voting will take place on Monday 6th November. Good luck! 

The day the donkeys visited

The donkeys visited us for the day. Each class went to spend some time with them, stroking them and some of us even brushed them.