Article 31 - You have the Right to play and rest

Here are some pictures of some of the things we have been getting up to at playtimes. 

Here you can see we have had plenty do and play:

Playing basketball with Shelly
Hoop games
Using playground chalks  to draw pictures or write fun messages for others to read
Using the logs to play 'Lava Ground' (a game made up by the children)
Parachute games with Play Assistants
Using the tyres as an obstacle course
Using the stages to perform made up plays to others


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Lantern Parade 

Our Year 2 classes have been helping to make lanterns for the lantern parade on Saturday 24th February. Come along and join in the fun! 

The day the donkeys visited

The donkeys visited us for the day. Each class went to spend some time with them, stroking them and some of us even brushed them.