Welcome to year 1

2019 - 2020

Autumn 1

Giraffe Class

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a wonderful Summer Holidays. We are really looking forward to getting to know you and your families this upcoming year and for all the exciting learning we have planned.


Orang-utan Class


Please check our website regularly to see all the wonderful learning going on in both Giraffe Class and Orang-utan Class.

Autumn Term Topic Web

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Welcome to Year 1 Parent Information PowerPoint

These slides contain key information about Year 1; including staffing, topics, daily timings and home learning.

Settling into Year 1

Role Play

Left - Right

- Using liquid timers as game consoles.
- Changing baby’s nappy ready for nap time.
- Building the animals houses to live in.


Left - Right

  • Playing ‘Forwards and Backwards’. A game to play in pairs. Each player has a counter. One starts on 0 and one starts on 10. Each player takes it in turns to roll the die and then move that many spaces either forward or backwards. The aim of the game to be the first person to get to the other side.

  • Using numicon to practise number bonds to 10. We rolled dices and then picked up the corresponding numicon. We kept doing this until we filled the base 10 numicon.

  • Ordering numbers to 20

  • Sorting objects

Year 1 Curriculum

In Year 1 we take guidance from the National Curriculum for all subjects. To find out more about the National Curriculum click here.

We also follow our ethical education curriculum, which is known as Learn Together. To find out more about the Learn Together Curriculum click here.