spring 2

Spring 2

An Island Home

Science - Materials - A toy for Fabbydoo

Year 1 have enjoyed their science week challenge, which was to make a toy or bed for Katie Morag’s cat Fabbydoo. They explored a range of cat toys and beds and discuss the materials and why those materials may have been chosen. They then used this knowledge to design and make their own cat toy or bed.

Spring 1

Wonderful Weather


We explored a variety of materials. We then selected the materials which could be manipulated into our desired shape. After we needed to identify which material/s would be most suitable to repel water. Most of us agreed the appropriate material would either be tin-foil or nylon.

English - Story Writing - tHE little Raindrop

Autumn 2

Memory Lane


The children in year 1 used their five key senses to write a poem about their favourite things. They then took inspiration from Micheal Rosen when reading aloud their work.

MATHS - PLACE VALUE - wow! important number 10

Year 1 enjoyed discovering the importance of 10. We focused on numbers 11 to 20.


Memory Boxes

Year 1 really enjoyed sharing their memories and placing them on a timeline, in chronological order.

Autumn 1

why are species endangered?

Music - Recorders

We had fun playing the recorder, which is part of the woodwind family.

Exploring Number Bonds

We have enjoyed investigating how many ways we can spilt the whole number 10 into two parts.

Non-chronological reports

Year 1 used their knowledge of their class animals to write non-chronological reports.

Exploring Number

In maths we have been exploring the many different ways we can represent number. We have also enjoyed sorting objects into categorised groups.

Classifying Animals

In Year 1 we researched the classification of animals. We then had a go at sorting the animals into their correct group.

Fact Sharing

Year 1 confidently shared some of their favourite facts about their class animal, which is endangered.

Year 1 Curriculum

In Year 1 we take guidance from the National Curriculum for all subjects. To find out more about the National Curriculum click here.

We also follow our ethical education curriculum, which is known as Learn Together. To find out more about the Learn Together Curriculum click here.