exploring plants and nature - Allotment and Park 11th May

On Thursday Turtles and Penguins went down to the allotment and the Netham to observe and sketch different plants. The children were so enthusiastic and engaged looking at the different fruits and vegetables that are growing in the allotment - They made detailed sketches and wrote down their observations. Next it was on to the Netham for a plant and nature scavenger hunt. Once the scavenger hunt was complete, children chose to observe and sketch more plants and then made pictures on the ground using natural materials. We had such a lovely morning and would love to do this more often.

Noh Hung Chul

The school had a special visitor at Redfield this week. Noh Hung Chul, a South Korean TV star came to visit the children for his documentary on donkeys. Noh Hung Chul has an adopted donkey in South Korea and decided to make a documentary about this and people in the UK who do the same. So he visited and chatted to the children and even danced with them. He features in the famous Gangnam style video as the man in the elevator. 


We have been very lucky this week as we have had our community Police officers in to speak to the children. The children loved learning more about the work the Police do and some now want to be Police officers themselves! The children loved the sirens and sitting in the drivers seat... they weren't so sure on being locked in the back though! 


We have been learning all about plants this week in Turtles class. We found out what plants need in order to grow and we have looked at different types of seed. We each chose a seed to plant and we are going to record its growth throughout the term. We could chose a sunflower seed, courgette seed, pansy seeds or a pumpkin seed. Which one would you choose? We are wondering which one will grow the fastest. Which one do you think will?

standing ON EGGS

Did you know you can stand on eggs and they won't crack? We didn't believe it either so had to try it out as part our Easter carousel day. Some eggs didn't make it but most of them did :) 


Year 1 have had a really fun day today visiting Chepstow Castle. Despite the rain and the cold weather we still had smiles on our faces as we learnt lots of information from Kevin the Knight! We enjoyed eating lunch in Martin's tower, visiting the dungeon and watching Kevin shoot arrows from his bow. Did you know at only 7 years old all boys were trained in using a bow and arrow, to get into the army they had to be able to shoot 10 arrows in only 1 minute!! Please enjoy looking at the pictures below and another BIG thank you to the parents that came and battled the rain with us :) 


Turtles class have had SO much fun celebrating British science week this week. We have got lots of enthusiastic young scientists at Redfield! On Thursday afternoon we explored static energy using balloons. We ended up with some interesting hair styles, lots of laughter and realised some children could stick their balloon to all sorts of different surfaces! Look at those smiley faces :) 


The last two weeks in maths have been all about money! Year 1 have had great fun exploring different coins and understanding their value. We have linked our new understanding in with being a healthy school. The children asked if they could buy a piece of fresh fruit or a vegetable with some money at the shops. We took a trip to the local fruit and veg shop on Church Road. It was so exciting finding our own fruit or veg, weighing it and then paying the man in the shop - some of us even got some change! 


Both year 1 classes have a music lesson with Penny every Wednesday morning. The children really look forward to these as we get to try new instruments and learn new skills such as sheet reading. One of our favourites so far has to be the trombone! It took a lot of puffing power and tight lips to make any sound. What a great music lesson this was!


Term 5 has been very exciting so far and now thanks to all of Lindsay's hard work, we are able to fully enjoy our school library! Turtles and Penguins got to use the school library on world book day and will be going up once a week to take out books. Everyone was very excited to visit the library for the first time and we had lots of fun reading a book in such a lovely space. The children are looking forward to their weekly visits.


Year 1 have been practising their division skills in maths during term 5. Both Turtles and Penguins class have grown in confidence when dividing and enjoyed dividing/sharing different foods for a teddy bears picnic. It was quite hard to resist all of the marshmallows, grapes, sweets and biscuits during the lesson!


Year 1 really enjoyed our dinosaur topic during term 4. We have been asking a lot of questions about what might have happened to them all of those years ago. We have explored changes in climate, meteorites and asteroids, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The children were asking a lot of questions about volcanoes and how they erupt. This led on to a fantastic science lesson involving vinegar and baking soda. 

uh oh!

Oh no! Year 1 went to morning assembly and upon returning we found this! Our dinosaur egg has hatched and the dinosaur is nowhere to be found. We had left the egg up high in Nicole's cupboard so nobody could disturb it. We think that someone has come in, take the egg out and dropped it. We are now starting an investigation and have our suspect list ready. We have written missing reports and notified the police. We have also written letters to our Pterodactyl asking them to return. Our letters were very heartfelt and persuasive so hopefully the Pterodactyl returns to us safe and sound. Please keep a look out for our missing baby Pterodactyl, we think it may be hiding in a tree somewhere. 


Year one received a delivery today from a Palaeontologist in Peru. He has sent us the last remaining dinosaur egg on Earth!! Turtles and Penguins class have been very, very excited today. We were very eager to find out what sort of dinosaur is inside the egg. Luckily the palaeontologist has sent us some clues - we have been looking at the size of dinosaur feet, different bones, pictures of fossils and jumbled sentences to put back in order! What dinosaur do you think is inside the egg? 


We loved learning about capacity so much but have enjoyed measure even more! Over the last two weeks we have measured 'George the giant' using different objects, measured ourselves against a life size cut out of a polar bear and measured how far we can jump. We have shown lots of enthusiasm in doing this and have got really good at estimating.


We have been looking at capacity this week as part of this terms maths learning. Today we used lots of different materials to fill up different objects. I think Turtles enjoyed using the sand and rice the most! 


Turtles class have had so much fun this afternoon learning all about Jellyfish. Did you know that they do not have any bones at all? We thought this was very funny and couldn't imagine humans not having any bones. We then discovered that jellyfish do not have a brain, heart, eyes or nose either! We loved learning about jellyfish so much so wanted to make some of our own to put in the classroom. What do you think of them?


It looks like Turtles class now have a new member. Meet Terrance - he snuck into Nicole's bag during our trip to Bristol Aquarium. Terrance is going to be going on adventures with the children in Turtles class. Get ready to take him home for a weekend.


As part of our topic 'Under the sea', both year one classes visited Bristol Aquarium. The children had a fantastic day learning about lots of different sea creatures. We really enjoyed watching the sting ray have some lunch, seeing some real turtles and learning lots during our workshops. 



In Year One we take guidance from the National Curriculum on the areas of learning we need to cover in all subjects.

Click here for a link to the National Curriculum for Year 1

As an academy we are afforded the flexibility to be creative in how we cover each subject.  Our curriculum is topic based and is constructed around the interests of the children. We still fully support having play as an instrumental part of the learning process. We introduce new concepts, especially in Maths, through a more interactive and hands-on approach before the children begin the process of recording in their books.  English is taught through using a range of books: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Geography, History, Science etc. all have elements of writing and reading and therefore are scaffolding the children’s learning of English.  English is presented in a number of different ways; for example it may be in the children’s English books, topic books, through presentation, hot seating or in our floor books or Learn Together books.  Floor books and Learn Together books are a wonderful way for parents and visitors to encapsulate at a glance what we do during our days at school.

Our school day begins promptly with registration at 8.50am and then we move swiftly into phonics, which happens daily. Phonics support the learning of reading and writing. We mainly use the Letters and Sounds program but also dip into Read Write Ink and Jolly Phonics actions.  Phonics groups are carried out in phased groups from 2-5 (5 being the higher end). One member of the year one team takes each phase and the children are in a group tailored to their needs. All children in each phase are exposed to sounds from phase 2-5 at the start of their daily session. Following on from phonics we have a carpet learning session in either Maths or English (this alternates daily).  This is a 20-minute session that is adult led and is the catalyst for the children’s focus group that then follows on from the carpet session.

Our afternoons are used for topic and Learn Together work.  Our topic work sessions may be based around Science, History, Geography, Music, Art or DT. These sessions start with finding out what the children already know and then asking them what they want to find out. From this we try to uncover the answers to as many of the children’s questions as we can. We use a variety of tools to help us do this such as the Internet, books, guest speakers, phone a friend or go on a trip/local walk. Our Learn Together curriculum can be anything from a discussion regarding the value of the month, mindfulness or an in-depth look into something that is happening in the wider world to name but a few. Our Learn Together work is presented in our Learn Together folders, these folders give an insight to the learning that has taken place during these sessions.

           As a Year 1 team we work very hard to ensure we have a well-balanced and creative curriculum that stimulates and nurtures our children's young minds and inspires them to be           investigative, inquisitive and imaginative learners.


To find out about the Learn Together Curriculum click here.

To find out more about the National Curriculum click here.