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meet the eco-team

Eco-Team is made up of children and staff (Hannah Gully and Lindsay Monk) who have volunteered themselves for the role and who have a real passion for all things eco. We have set up the team as we would like to help make our school and our planet a more eco-friendly and sustainable place. We are hoping that the work we do will help and benefit the environment and will also help us to achieve Eco-Schools status and the Green Flag Award.

We meet every Wednesday to discuss and plan events to support our school to become as environmentally friendly as possible. We learn about environmental issues through our Learn Together curriculum as well.

So far Eco-Team have:

  • Conducted an Environmental Review, which we used to identify three the school’s three main areas for development:
    -School grounds
    We will focus on these three topics for two years and then conduct another Environmental Review to select another three topics.

  • Written and designed an Environmental Code for the school

  • Planned and delivered a number of assemblies

  • Organised a bake sale to raise funds for Eco-School

  • Helped clear up and maintain the school’s herb garden and flower beds

  • Conducted a number of recycling surveys

  • Responded to the results of the recycling surveys and put new paper, plastic, general and food waste bins in every classroom

  • Organised and help run our first ever Water Festival

  • Organised and help run the Big Pedal

  • Made an Eco-Team display in the main reception area

A huge well done

Meeting with caretaker Ray

Eco-Team met with our school’s caretake, Ray. We wanted to get his views on recycling in our school (especially after we put new bins in place last year) and find out if we the Eco-Team and the school could be doing more to help. Ray has said he thinks the new bins are great and the school is starting to recycle more effectively. However, we could help him and the cleaning staff more by:

•Ensuring we take the food bins outside every break time

•Going to each class and explaining what can and cannot go into each bin

•Setting up a cardboard drop-off point as cardboard cannot go into paper bins

•Meet with Ray next term to see if the changes we have made have helped.

Travel Tracker with living streets

A huge well done to Eco-Team who have helped Redfield achieve the Eco-Schools Bronze Award. We are very close to achieving the Silver award too!

A big eco-thankyou

A huge thank you to these wonderful children for all their hard word over the last year with Eco-School. You have achieved so much and have put in so much effort. Two members of this team will remain on the new Eco-Team to support the new children joining.

World oceans day 8/6/2018

For World Oceans Day this year Eco Team lead some activities throughout the day to educate others about the dangers of plastic in ocean. We also held a Water Festival to engage children in the day. In our Water Festival we tried to save fish from plastic, reuse clothes to make a patch work blanket and we had activities that looked at the amount of water that goes into the production of different materials and food. We also raised £89 for Project Ocean. 



We all tried hard to join in this year's Big Pedal. We enjoyed getting on our bikes and scooters and enjoying the great weather we had. We were lucky to have Jo from the Sustains charity come in and deliver an assembly.

At the end of the two weeks we positioned:

For all schools taking part: 165/495

Regionally: 9/49

We are really proud of this as we are still a developing school. Imagine what we can achience once all classes are full!

The Big pedal 2018

This year we are participating in Sustran's Big Pedal. It starts on Monday 23rd April

and will finish on Friday 4th May. The Eco-Team planned and delivered an assembly

to the whole school to promote the challenge. The aim is to try and get at least 15%

of the school cycling or scooting to school. The Big Pedal aims to encourage more

families to leave the cars behind and duct of the books and scooters. Here are some

Going for green

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 18.23.46.png

These are the steps we to achieve and cover in order to get each award.

Eco Team bake sale

The Eco Team had their first Bake Sale to raise money to spend on developing the school grounds. They raised £100, thank you to all of you who bought cakes!