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Science week

The theme of this year’s brilliant science week was Inventions. We had a fantastic time designing and testing our inventions and became scientists and engineers for a whole week. Each class was tasked with a different challenge linked to the Science curriculum that they had to complete:

Reception- Invent a gadget to help farmers or farm animals

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Y1- Invent a machine to help pets

Y2- Invent a machine that can float

Y3- Invent a board game using magnetism

Y4- Invent a machine or game using electricity

At the end of the week, we had a science fair to present our work to the parents. Take a look through the galleries below to get an idea of what we got up to!

We would also like to say a massive thank you to the British Science Association for their kind grant to help fund this excellent week. The children were very appreciative!

internet safety week

Please feel free to use the activities and conversation starters below to talk about internet safety at home.

As part of Internet Safety Week, we interviewed some children about the internet. Why not ask your children the same questions?

Youtube Videos

Click here to see the latest video on our Youtube channel about how the children feel when they are late. 

Mobile free zone

Our children have been discussing, in their classes, about the use of mobile phones in the school playground. They have decided that the playground is now a 'mobile free' zone. See below for some ideas of ways to start and make conversations with the children.

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You can also visit the website below to find ideas about ways to promote conversation and a nice activity to encourage this:

Academy Council

Role description

Academy Council Members serve for a year, from February. Members are nominated, then elected by their peers with additional community nominees being selected by the Educate Together Academy Trust Board. 


We recently talked to Year 1 and 2 parents about the assessment procedures for both year groups. The powerpoint is available here.





80by18 is essentially 80 things you should look to do in Bristol before you're 18. These are all free Bristol-based activities to do with the children. We have a reward system in place for anyone who completes 10, 20, 30 etc challenges.


The E-Safety presentation can now be seen here.

Get Involved

At Educate Together we actively encourage the involvement of parents in the education of your children. Research shows that children do better in school if parents take an active part in their child's education.

How can you do this?

  • Come in every morning for the first ten minutes to learn with your child

  • Read to your child and with your child

  • Hear them read their books regularly - at least five times a week

  • Find out and learn with your child about the topics they are doing - the teachers will give you this information at the start of every new term

  • Visit the school often and talk to the teachers and also spend time in the classroom - there will be plenty of opportunities to do this and we will let you know.

  • Shopping and cooking with your child will be an excellent way to use maths

  • Attend open days and open evenings

  • Help out in the class by hearing readers, playing maths games, getting involved in creative activities, helping on trips, accompanying the children and teachers to the park, helping a language lesson

  • Use your skills and talents to help us

Having your say and getting involved?

  • Become a parent Council Member - there will be an election every other February until all year groups are in the school.

  • Respond to questionnaires and surveys

  • Talk to the teachers and the Headteacher

  • Join Friends of Redfield Educate Together (FORET)

  • Attend parent forums and parent information afternoon/evenings

  • Come to family breakfasts, on Tuesdays in the school hall

Don't forget to tell us if your phone number or address change.


communication with parents

A reminder of our methods of communicating what is happening in and around the school:

·     The Redfieldet app is our main source of messages and news items. The newsletters and other class letters go in the files part of the app which is also where you will find the term dates and menus. You can set notifications to remind you if there are new items.

·     The text is used only for emergencies or urgent messages e.g. clubs cancelled. This costs us 5p for each text sent to each parent so we try not to use texts.

·     Newsletters come out as and when we have enough to go out to parents – we would prefer not to send this by paper but many parents have requested this still happens. The newsletter is also put on the app and website at the same time.

·     School website – this features school and class information, news and notes. It tells you what the children are learning each week and has photos etc.

·     Staff will give all parents at least 4 weeks notice of something involving a payment such as a trip or visit. Local outside events are weather dependent and will therefore usually be short notice. Anything else you will have as much notice as possible and all things are voluntary and if you do not have time then you do not have to respond – only some people do, not everyone. This is OK and considered normal in schools.

·     Some have asked for a reminder to be sent out on the day for events. Regretfully we do not have the staff to always do this and recommend that you put an alert on your phone to remind you.

We know some parents struggle to get information from their children about what they do each day in school. This is very common and children will tell you if they want.

'Up Our Street' brings people together to effect change in our neighbourhood. We deliver communications and community development projects to inspire, inform, and motivate people to action.

If you would like to find out more about what is going on and how you can get involved with your local community with 'Up Our Street' then click 'here'