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School Menu and meals  


All our meals follow the government guidance on healthly school meals. All children eat together at lunchtime with staff enjoying a range of home-cooked and locally sourced food. Our chef, Toru, and his team vary the menu regularly to take advatage of seasonal foods and fruits. Here is a sample copy of our menu. From time to time we have family suppers where all are welcome to have supper. Every week we have a family breakfast where all can share breakfast before the school day. The menu for this includes yogurt and granola, bacon and egg muffins, cheese and herb muffins, french toast, toast and honey or jam. All diets are catered for including halal, gluten free, vegetarian.

Years Reception to Year 2 have a fee meal under government funding. Years 3 and 4 have a subsidised lunch at £1.40 a day. There is no option to have a sandwich box or packed lunch as it is an important part of the school ethos that all children eat together and share the same food. Staff join them each day for this. There are always three choices of main course and three of pudding.

Halal Meat Certificates.

All our meat is a choice of either non-halal or halal. Unless parents have told us they wish their child to have halal meat all children are given non-halal meat. Both meats are cooked separately and kept separate for serving. All children and adults have a choice. Family breakfasts and suppers have non-halal and halal options.

Breakfast Club and After School Club

These run every day in the school hall and can be booked and paid for online the week before.

Breakfast club

Starts: 8.00am

A nutritious breakfast of cereal, toast, orange juice and milk is provided and there are games and activities for the children. This costs £2.25 a day.

After School club

3.10 - 5.15pm First hour or part of is £4.00 and includes drink and sandwiches, second hour or part of is £3.50.

There are different themes and activities each day or the children can just relax with games, books and videos.

Activity Clubs

These start in November and include art, sports, dance, gardening etc. We vary them according to the interests of children and staff are welcome to help at these and run clubs if they wish.

Annual Report: 

To see ETAT Annual Report and Financial Statement click here.

Ofsted logo

Ofsted Inspection 


A copy of our first Ofsted Report in June 2017 is available on the Ofsted website here.The overall outcome was Good with Outstanding for the Foundation Stage (Reception) provision. The next Ofsted Inspection is due in 2021.

We volunteered to have a pilot inspection to test the new Ofsted in March 2019 and this was of mutual benefit to both the school and Ofsted. This has enabled us to have a clear view of the new Inspection Framework out in Sept 2019. There was no judgement or report from this.

We received a pre-opening Ofsted Registration visit in July 2014. The report is available here

Performance tables

As the school is growing a year at a time we will not have Key Stage 2 performance data until 2021.