In an Educate Together school a daily period of time is set aside for the ethical education curriculum. This programme is called the “Learn Together” curriculum and is published by Educate Together. It defines the core values of all teaching and learning in the school. It is subject to continuous review and development in our schools and decisions made at Annual General Meetings of the sponsor. A copy of the curriculum is available from the trust and is downloadable from the Educate Together website.

The programme is divided into four strands:

Moral and Spiritual Development

Equality and justice

Ethics and the Environment

Belief Systems.

More information on our curriculum can be found in our booklet, What is an Educate Together School? 


 Ethics and the Environment

Article 29- Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

To celebrate tree week, we collectively created a Poet Tree. All classes were given a specific type of tree to focus on, which they researched and constructed into a variety of poem types. Each class also took part in a paper free day, which was taken from the idea of a year three pupil. To top of the week, year three were lucky enough to work with the organisation One Tree Per Child All our children received a fantastic assembly from representative John Atkinson, who then took the children to the school allotment to plant a selection of trees. This link fantastically to their campaign focusing on air pollution. The trees consisted of dwarf fruit tree, stock apple and pear trees and hawthorn, field maple, hazel and finally spindle.





Both the children and staff enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner together. They pulled crackers, listened to festive songs and had a lot of fun!


Black history month 2018

- Equality and Justice - Promoting equality

Article 2 - You have the right to be treated fairly no matter your gender, race or culture

Black History Month, is an annual observance in Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States. It began as a way for remembering important people and events in the history of African people. In the United Kingdom it is celebrated in October. To mark Black History Month this year at Redfield, each year group has been looking at a specific person and has been/will be presenting their learning to the rest of the school. Some classes have focused on black people from history, who have helped evoke change and who have shaped how we view the world today. Others have chosen to focus on inspiration black men and women - Year 4 (Rhino Class) Talking about several inspirational black men and women -
who are alive today. - throughout history right up to present day -

If you would like to know more about Black History Month and access some

great articles, follow this link:

PCSO Visit 2018

- Moral and Spiritual - supporting physical and emotional well being -

Today (11.10.18) we had a visit from our local Police Community Support Officers to talk to us about who a stranger might be and keeping ourselves safe at home, school and in public.

They taught us this rhyme to help with this:

When playing outside and a stranger comes near,

Stay safe and shout so your grown up can hear.


Class council elections

- Equality and Justice - Exploring the democratic process -

Well done to all those who put themselves forward to represent their class as school councillor. It’s been great to see all your campaigning posters around the school. It takes a lot to put yourself forward for this and you would all be fantastic! It is a big responsibility and a very important job. Thank you.

Eid Mubarak 2018 

- BELIEF systems - Celebrations -

Article 14 and article 30 - You have the right to practice and choose your own religion

We had a wonderful time celebrating Eid this year and we had lots of parents and carers helping to set up and organise the event. We had a room for food and a room set up to get a henna design on our hands, to dance and try on some traditional Eid clothing. We also watched a video that showed how many of us celebrated Eid this year with our families. 

Library closure

- Equality and Justice - exploring the democratic process -

article 12 - you have the right to give your opinion and be listened to and taken seriously


Following a trip to the library we were told by staff there that the library may be closed in the near future. We wanted to find out more about this. We were fortunate enough to have a visit from one of our local MPs, Kerry McCarthy, in which we asked her questions. However, we wanted a little bit ore information, so wrote to her as well. These are some of our letters and the response she kindly replied with. 

Amnesty international

- equality and justice - exploring human rights -

Article 42 - You have the right to know your rights!

Amnesty International Visit- Donnie Houser              Thursday 17thMay 2018   

On Thursday the children were visited by Donnie Houser, a volunteer from Amnesty International UK


She informed the children who Amnesty International UK are and the work that they do. She also spoke to them about human rights. This links brilliantly to our Learn Together curriculum and our strand on Equality and Justice where the children explore the rights and understand activating equality through positive action.


On the day Donnie shared a video with the children by some activities that the children participated in to show their understanding of wants and needs. The year three’s then had a more focused look at Amnesty’s 

I welcome refugees’ campaign that related to their work on the UNICEF Outright campaign. 


Fairtrade Fortnight

Equality and justice - activating through positive action

To kick-off Fairtrade Fortnight, we hosted a Fairtrade Family Breakfast. Our chef used Fairtrade products where he could and Hannah and Jenny set up some activities. We got to taste some Fairtrade chocolates and we had a go at guessing where some Fairtrade items came from and placed our guesses on the map. 

UNICEF's day of social justice - 20/02/18

Equality and justice - exploring human rights

In assembly today, we learnt that February 20th is Unicef's Day of Social Justice, when people around the world reflect on and take action to support people to achieve to their fullest potential. This year's focus is on helping migrants, including refugees. We learnt that there are currently 65.6 million refugees in the world- that's equivalent to the entire UK population! 

Through the story 'This is Our House' by Michael Rosen, we reflected on how important it is to make people feel welcome in our country. Follow the link to the story:

As Molly B said, 'It doesn't matter what your skin colour is, where you come from, whether you're a girl or a boy- We're all human!'


our house.jpg

Needs and Wants   

equality and justice - exploring human rights

During a Year 2 Learn Together lesson we discussed our 'needs' and 'wants'. In groups we arranged a selection of picture cards (e.g. an education, fast food, clean water etc) into three groups: Really important, quite important, least important. Then, we selected just nine of the picture cards and arranged them into a Diamond Nine Diagram. We compared our Diamonds with the other groups in our class. Many of us placed education, clean water and family towards the top of the diamond. What we placed toward the bottom varied quite considerably. This was not an easy task and we had to work hard on listening to other's views and opinions, whilst also trying to articulate our own. 

Christmas Jumper day 2017

- Moral and spiritual - 

The children came to school in winter jumpers to raise money for 'Save the children'. We raised £108 in total! 


- Belief systems -

Reception and year 1 performed the landlords' cats. They were amazing! Well done to all of the children involved and thank you to the parents who showed their support. 

OUTRIGht 2017

 - Refugees -

To help us develop a greater understanding of the the terms migrant and refugee and to help us empathise with the situations refugees may experience, we have been looking at the story of Paddington. We have looked at why Paddington may have to leave his home country; how this could have made Paddington feel; how he would feel arriving into a new, unfamiliar country; the reactions of Paddington's arrival; and how we would feel if we were in Paddington's shoes. 
As well, we have been discussing the Rights of refugees and comparing them to those of our own. To do this we have used the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (see picture below).

Below are pictures of Paddington's suitcase. For one of our Outright sessions, we discussed what we would take with us and why.  


Yom kippur

- belief systems - 

This week we learned about Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur, also known as the day of atonement, is the holiest day of the year in the Jewish calendar. This year Yom Kippur is on 29th September. For Yom Kippur many Jewish people with fast for 25 hours, pray at the synagogue and ask God for forgiveness for any sins of the past year. It is also time to think about how you would like the next year to be different and how to move on from any bad choices made in the year just past. 
In year 2 we set some time aside to think about a bad choice we may have made over this last year. By admitting that we ma have made some mistakes, we were able to then move forward from them. Some of us wrote these memories down, others quietly reflected. It is tradition for many Jewish people to throw bread into water to symbolise the letting go of their sins and cleansing of the soul. We each threw a small piece of bread into water as we thought about how we could try and make more positive choices in our day-to-day lives. 
We also thought about the reasons for fasting and made links to other regions that fast. Some Jewish people will end their fast with a drink of mint tea and honey. We brewed this drink up to try for ourselves. Many of us found it refreshing, whilst others were a little insure. 


We held a coffee morning for Macmillan with parents and carers. All left over cakes were sold in a cake sale. In total we raised £255.87 - thank you to all of our families for joining us in supporting Macmillan Cancer Support!  

Pen Licence Discussion September 2017

- Equality and justice - 

Redfield have been thinking about children earning pen licences for their handwriting. The children's ideas and views were discussed in class before we had an assembly to share their ideas and arguments. The children came up with some great arguments for and against pen licences with Tilly from Year 1 saying "It wouldn't be fair as some children may not get a pen licence even though they try really hard. They would get frustrated". From the discussions, children and staff came up with the idea of children choosing what to write with, whether it be pen, pencil, gel pens, pencil crayons or felt tips; Trey from Year 2 expressed that felt tips would go through the paper so we would waste pages in our books. Children, staff and parents then voted as to whether to have pen licences or the choice of writing tools. 67% of children voted to have the choice of writing materials and 33% voted to earn pen licences. 


On Friday 24th March, we wore red and raised money for Comic Relief. We donated money, had a cake sale and played 'guess the number of sweets in the jar'. In total we raised £474.88!! Well done and THANK YOU to all of the children, staff and parents for their contributions. 

Here is Ros talking about the Learn Together Curriculum on Radio Bristol. Use this link  and fast forward to 1:09 to listen.

Here is Ros talking about the Learn Together Curriculum on Radio Bristol. Use this link and fast forward to 1:09 to listen.