Here is Ros talking about the Learn Together Curriculum on Radio Bristol. Use this link and fast forward to 1:09 to listen.

Here is Ros talking about the Learn Together Curriculum on Radio Bristol. Use this link and fast forward to 1:09 to listen.


22nd March - World Water Day 2016

To celebrate World Water Day and raise money, we started the day all dressed in BLUE, with a BLUE breakfast, full of BLUE food. Thank you to everyone who helped make the day so much fun and thank you to Made in Bristol TV for joining us to help spread the word.

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In an Educate Together school a daily period of time is set aside for the ethical education curriculum. This programme is called the “Learn Together” curriculum and is published by Educate Together. It defines the core values of all teaching and learning in the school. It is subject to continuous review and development in our schools and decisions made at Annual General Meetings of the sponsor. A copy of the curriculum is available from the trust and is downloadable from the Educate Together website.

The programme is divided into four strands:

  • Moral and Spiritual Development
  • Justice and Equality
  • Ethics and the Environment 
  • Belief Systems.

More information on our curriculum can be found in our booklet, What is an Educate Together School?


We held a coffee morning for Macmillan with parents and carers. All left over cakes were sold in a cake sale. In total we raised £255.87 - thank you to all of our families for joining us in supporting Macmillan Cancer Support!  

Pen Licence Discussion September 2017

Redfield have been thinking about children earning pen licences for their handwriting. The children's ideas and views were discussed in class before we had an assembly to share their ideas and arguments. The children came up with some great arguments for and against pen licences with Tilly from Year 1 saying "It wouldn't be fair as some children may not get a pen licence even though they try really hard. They would get frustrated". From the discussions, children and staff came up with the idea of children choosing what to write with, whether it be pen, pencil, gel pens, pencil crayons or felt tips; Trey from Year 2 expressed that felt tips would go through the paper so we would waste pages in our books. Children, staff and parents then voted as to whether to have pen licences or the choice of writing tools. 67% of children voted to have the choice of writing materials and 33% voted to earn pen licences. 


On Friday 24th March, we wore red and raised money for Comic Relief. We donated money, had a cake sale and played 'guess the number of sweets in the jar'. In total we raised £474.88!! Well done and THANK YOU to all of the children, staff and parents for their contributions. 


Redfield celebrated 'International Day of Happiness' by thinking about how to make others happy. Some of the children went onto Church Road to hand out sweets to people in the community whilst others baked biscuits for the old people's home across the road. In school, children and staff thought about making others happy and we created a tree of happiness! 


On Monday 30th January, each teacher planned and delivered an activity related to Chinese New Year. Each class worked with the different teachers to experience the range of art, crafts and dance activities whilst learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated.