Rights Respecting Schools Award

As a school we are committed to achieving our silver award. We were awarded the Bronze award in April 2018.

For more information about the Rights Respecting Schools award please visit: https://www.unicef.org.uk/rights-respecting-schools/the-rrsa/about-the-rrsa/

Article 29

You have the right to education which develops your personality, respect for other’s rights and the environment.

Article 29 of the UNCRC says that a child or young person's education should help their mind, body and talents be the best they can. It should also build their respect for other people and the world around them. In particular, they should learn to respect:

  • their rights and the rights of others
  • their freedoms and the freedoms of others
  • their parents
  • the identity, language and values of countries including their own.

Education should prepare children and young people for a responsible life in a free society. It should teach them how to live in an understanding and tolerant way that is non-violent and that respects the environment.

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Amnesty international

equality and justice - exploring human rights

Amnesty International Visit- Donnie Houser              Thursday 17th May 2018 
Article 1 - everyone under the age of 18 has all the rights of the Convention. 

On Thursday the children were visited by Donnie Houser, a volunteer from Amnesty International UK https://www.amnesty.org.uk


She informed the children who Amnesty International UK are and the work that they do. She also spoke to them about human rights. This links brilliantly to our Learn Together curriculum and our strand on Equality and Justice where the children explore the rights and understand activating equality through positive action.


On the day Donnie shared a video with the children https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9_IvXFEyJo followed by some activities that the children participated in to show their understanding of wants and needs. The Year 3s then had a more focused look at Amnesty’s purpose. 

I welcome refugees’ campaign that related to their work on the UNICEF Outright campaign. 

soccer aid playground challenge

During our Health Week, all the children participated in a fundraising activity for Unicef, in which they competed to complete an obstacle course (designed by the children) as quickly as possible while dribbling, bouncing or carrying a football.

Shaun was enormously impressed by how positively all the children approached the Playground Challenge. Thanks to everyone's enthusiasm and generosity we raised over £90 for Unicef, which will be doubled by the government. This money will help to provide child refugees with safe spaces and the chance to access their right to play and to an education.