I can safely say I made an excellent choice of school. … The classroom is always changing due to topics eg. Garden centre, space station and now a beach, this keeps my son motivated to learn. I feel the success of the school has been down to the hard work and dedication of all staff.
— Reception parent

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Ros Farrell 


Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Officer

Michelle McCarthy

Deputy Headteacher, Family Support, Designated Safeguarding Officer


Kirsty Damsell

Reception TEacher

Nicole Desouza

Year 1 Teacher

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Eva Dankova

Year 1 Teacher

Redfield Educate Together_013.jpg

James Burley 

Year 2 Teacher

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Hannah Cooke

Year 3 Teacher - maternity cover


Tina Walsh - currently on maternity leave

Deputy Headteacher, Assessment Lead

Redfield Educate Together_016.jpg

Polly Garmston

Reception Teacher


Laura Clarke

Year 1 Teacher, SENCO

Redfield Educate Together_035.jpg

Hannah Gully 

Year 2 Teacher

Redfield Educate Together_022.jpg

Laura Fryer

Year 3 Teacher 

Teaching Assistants

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Ellie Webster

Reception TA

Redfield Educate Together_006.jpg

Hannah Smale

Reception SEN TA


Lindsay Monk

Speech and Language Lead

Redfield Educate Together_012.jpg

James Dunsford

Year 1 TA

Redfield Educate Together_032.jpg

Yasmin Ali

Year 3 TA

Redfield Educate Together_019.jpg

Georgia Garraway

Reception TA

Hannah Shiner

Hannah Shiner

Reception SEN TA


Shaun Semmens

Year 1 TA, PE Lead


Jenny Fudge

Year 2 TA


Cameron Love

Admin Assistant

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Jo Bradshaw

Academy Business Manager

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Claire Mills

Finance Officer

Catering Staff


Toru Yanada

Head Chef

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Tracey Lock

Kitchen Assistant

Redfield Educate Together_048.jpg

Alex Martin

Assistant Chef

Lunch/Play Assistants

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Koos Muse

Lunch Assistant

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Caitlin O'Shea

Lunch Assistant

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Shelley Leahy

Lunch Assistant

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Mark Woodcock

Lunch Assistant

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Zainab Durie 

Lunch Assistant

Site Management

Cleaning Supervisor -  Relyon             

After School Club:  Teaching Assistants