Value of the month

What is a values led education? 

We all have values by which we and our families try to live our lives by. These can include values such as honesty, trust, respect, kindness, perseverance, justice and so on. At Educate Together we have our 4 core principles and the objectives in the Learn Together curriculum. We use values to teach about this.


Each month we look in depth at one and bring it into all we do. This way the children begin to think for themselves what they, their families, the school and their friends think is important. We find that discussing values helps children to realise that whilst we may all have different beliefs and different cultures or ways of life we actually share much in what we believe in.


By referring back to the values children can begin to think about how to behave and respond to the situations they come across in life. They are helped to understand what is important to their own family and to others. This way they will grow up able to understand and find the shared values with all people they come across.


Are there any faiths or cultures that do not value honesty, respect, friendship or kindness? By sharing and discussing these we realise that we have far more in common with each other than what separates us.


LT value of month.jpg

Some examples of this in practice:

February - HONESTY 

Our Value for February is 'Honesty'. In assembly we read the story 'The boy who cried wolf' and thought about the consequences of telling lies. 


Whales class created an acrostic poem about HONESTY. They worked in small groups to create each line. 


January - Perseverance

In Year 2, we have been discussing what it means to persevere and linking this to Growth Mindset. 
We learned about what it means to have a Growth or Fixed Mindset and phrases we could say to help change our outlook when attempting new challenges. 

Below are some pictures of us sorting Fixed and Growth Mindset phrases into two groups.

We then put this into practice when attempting to solve a tricky tangram puzzle.  

November - Friendship 


Year 1 have recently read the book 'Sylvia and bird', a tale of an unlikely friendship between two creatures. Sylvia was the only dragon on Earth but bird loved her very much. They were both very different and special in their own right but when they came together they made something just as special. We thought about a friend in our class and why they were special. We then painted our hands in two different colours and then mixed them together to create a brand new beautiful colour.