Year Two are looking at different books written by Anthony Browne. This week, we have created freeze-frames based on 'Me and You', an alternative version of Goldilocks.

Breaking News!

Coral Class has had to be closed for investigation. Whilst we were out playing, someone had reported the sighting of lots of strange metal body parts. 

We were asked to help the investigation by putting it back together. Can you see who it was? The Iron Man! Where had he come from? Nobody knows. How was he made? Nobody knows. 

Should it happen again, we wrote some instructions on how to put it together.


In science we have been studying materials. 

We have conducted several experiments to help us explore and learn about the different properties different materials have. 

Our first experiment was testing if the selected material was waterproof. We were debating whether Iron was the best material for Iron Man to be made of, because in the story he goes into the sea and he lives outside; so we thought it was important for him to be waterproof. He likely has lots of important machinery inside of him, after all. Coral therefore decided to see if iron was waterproof. 

We conducted an experiment in which we put some tissue inside a selection of materials and then put it in water for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes we checked to see if the tissue was still dry. We chose to use: an iron tin, cardboard, cloth and a swimming costume!

The cloth was no good at all. The tissue went soggy and started to fall apart. 

This was also the case for the swimming costume. This surprised some of us as it is what wear swimming and we thought it was meant to keep water out. 

The cardboard box kept the tissue dry, however we could see that if it were left in the water a little longer it would likely have let water in. 

Finally, the iron tine. The tissue was as dry as a bone! Perhaps Iron is a suitable material for the Iron Man. 

Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year each class but up an activity and then each class made there way around them all throughout the day. In Coral Class we were making our own Chinese dragon masks and a really big school Chinese dragon. We learned that Chinese dragons traditionally symbolise power, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it. 

Do you like the finished product? The dragon is guarding our library at the moment....

Natural History Museum Trip

As part of our topic - Planet Earth - Year 2 went on a trip to the National History Museum. Year 2 wanted to learn more about endangered species, what the Earth is made of and what causes some natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. This has been feeding into our book we are focusing on in English - Atlas of Adventures. 

Above our some snaps from the day: 

Although we are not currently learning about dinosaurs, we could not go all the way to the National History Museum and not see the incredible selection of fossils and dinosaur skeletons on display there! We even go to the huge robotic dinosaur that is currently on show there. 

Coral Class also found some Coral!

As you can see in the bottom left picture, Coral Class managed to find some Coral. At first we were really excited about seeing it. Some children wondered whether this coral had been subject to coral bleaching, as we have been learning about this recently. We thought it was a magnificent example of what coral can look like and hoped that by it being here it would help spread awareness of the problems currently being experienced by many coral reef systems around the world. 

World Teachers' Day 05.10.2016

To celebrate World Teachers’ Day some children in Yr 2 took on the role of some teachers and other adults around Redfield School. 

In order to get the position they wanted, children needed to apply for the job they wanted by writing a job application. 

Here are some pictures of us hard at work.

We had some children working as teachers, play leaders, lunch time helpers. We even had children to take on the role of Head Teacher and business manager! What a busy day we had!

Music Lessons

The Year 1 and 2 classes have been having an hour a week of music lessons provided by Penny and Sandie from Prelude, a Bristol group associated with the Bristol Chamber Orchestra.

These have been very successful with all children playing instruments, including violins and drums, and beginning to learn notation (how to read music). We are going to continue this next term and include the Reception children as well. All Year 1 and 2s will begin recorder lessons in January.

Penny is also going to start a choir for us and undertake some whole school singing after half term.

We would like to offer other individual and group instrument tuition as well from January for Year 2s. This will be available at a cost to parents. There are three options: a group of 5 at £3.00 per 30 minute session, group of 2 at £7.50 or individual sessions at £15 per session. You will pay for each term in advance and have to give a term’s notice before stopping.

If you need another copy you can download this electronic copy

A translated podcast in Polish can also be listened to here:  Tlumaczenie w jezyku Polskim


In Year Two we follow the National Curriculum on the areas of learning we need to cover in all subjects. However, as an academy we are afforded the flexibility to be creative in how we cover each subject.  Click here for a link to the Year 2 national curriculum.

Our curriculum is topic based and is constructed around the interests of the children. We still fully support having play as an instrumental part of the learning process. We introduce new concepts, especially in Maths, through a more interactive and hands-on approach before the children begin the process of recording in their books.  English is taught through using a range of books: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Geography, History, Science etc. all have elements of writing and reading and therefore are scaffolding the children’s learning of English.  English is presented in a number of different ways; for example it may be in the children’s English books, topic books, through presentation, hot seating or in our floor books or Learn Together books.  Floor books and Learn Together books are a wonderful way for parents and visitors to encapsulate at a glance what we do during our days at school.