year 2 curriculum

In Year Two we follow the National Curriculum on the areas of learning we need to cover in all subjects. However, as an academy we are afforded the flexibility to be creative in how we cover each subject.  Click here for a link to the Year 2 national curriculum.

Our curriculum is topic based and is constructed around the interests of the children. We still fully support having play as an instrumental part of the learning process. We introduce new concepts, especially in Maths, through a more interactive and hands-on approach before the children begin the process of recording in their books.  English is taught through using a range of books: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Geography, History, Science etc. all have elements of writing and reading and therefore are scaffolding the children’s learning of English.  English is presented in a number of different ways; for example it may be in the children’s English books, topic books, through presentation, hot seating or in our floor books or Learn Together books.  Floor books and Learn Together books are a wonderful way for parents and visitors to encapsulate at a glance what we do during our days at school.


Topic web- Autumn term 2

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Should wangari maathai stop planting trees or not?

Honey bee and Tiger class split into two teams and tried to persuade Wangari that their side was right! Watch our videos to see what they said.

Investigating mealworms and mealworm beetles

Year 2 got up close and personal this week with lots of mealworms, pupae and mealworm beetles. We learnt about the amazing life cycle from worm to beetle and then designed our own habitats for them which we built. Each group tested a different variable: either light, materials or food. We then observed which square most of the mini beasts went to and thought of scientific reasons to explain why.

Honey bee class make their own hive!

Everyone in Honey bee class made their own bee for the class hive today. Next time you come into class, take a look at the back of the class and you will see it hanging proudly!

Tiger Class’ letters to their future selves

What would you tell your future self to do in order to save the planet? After learning about how the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in Learn Together lessons, Tiger Class decided that they wanted to do something to keep Planet Earth healthy and safe to live on. They decided to write a letter to their future selves giving advice on what actions they need to take once they become grown ups.

beekeeper visit

Yesterday Dave from the Avon Beekeepers association came to visit us at school. Both classes are learning about why some animals on Planet Earth are endangered so Dave came to tell us all about why honeybees are so important and what we can do to help them!

He brought in all of his beekeeping kit from home and even let us try some of it on. We explored a beehive and learnt about how bees produce honey. Dave was fantastic and we would love to have him back at school again soon!

Cake sale raises £78.21

Thank you to all the parents that brought in a cake and helped out today. We raised a brilliant £78.21 which we will split between Tiger class and Honeybees class. It will be used to sponsor our class animal and help stop them from becoming extinct.

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Bird feeders to help local wildlife

In Tiger Class, we learnt about the type of habitat we live in in Redfield and what animals live there. After this we discussed how we could help the wildlife in our habitat. We decided to re-use old fruit juice and milk cartons to make bird feeders to support bird species in our local urban habitat such as robins, swifts, starlings and many more. We filled the base with bird seed and put a twig through each side to act as support for the hungry birds to allow them to reach inside. Look out for them around school!

Topic Web and Timetable - Autumn 1

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