In Year Two we follow the National Curriculum on the areas of learning we need to cover in all subjects. However, as an academy we are afforded the flexibility to be creative in how we cover each subject.  Click here for a link to the Year 2 national curriculum.

Our curriculum is topic based and is constructed around the interests of the children. We still fully support having play as an instrumental part of the learning process. We introduce new concepts, especially in Maths, through a more interactive and hands-on approach before the children begin the process of recording in their books.  English is taught through using a range of books: fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Geography, History, Science etc. all have elements of writing and reading and therefore are scaffolding the children’s learning of English.  English is presented in a number of different ways; for example it may be in the children’s English books, topic books, through presentation, hot seating or in our floor books or Learn Together books.  Floor books and Learn Together books are a wonderful way for parents and visitors to encapsulate at a glance what we do during our days at school.


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Creating Fire collages with silhouettes of buildings from the 1600s.

Sequencing the events of the Great Fire of London from the 2nd September 1666 - 5th September 1666

Needs and Wants   

During our Learn Together lesson we discussed our 'needs' and 'wants'. In groups we arranged a selection of picture cards (e.g. an education, fast food, clean water etc) into three groups: Really important, quite important, least important. Then, we selected just nine of the picture cards and arranged them into a Diamond Nine Diagram. We compared our Diamonds with the other groups in our class. Many of us placed education, clean water and family towards the top of the diamond. What we placed toward the bottom varied quite considerably. This was not an easy task and we had to work hard on listening to other's views and opinions, whilst also trying to articulate our own.