Year 3 Topic web - Spring 2

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In Term 4, we will be using artefacts and eyewitness accounts to make deductions about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. We will create timelines of key events in the Roman age, explore how Boudicca led the Celts in an uprising against Roman rule and find out about how daily life in Britain changed as a result of Roman rule.

Here are some websites to look at relating to the ancient Romans:

When doing anything on the internet, always ask an adult to help you so you can stay safe online.

In Learn Together, we will continue our campaign to reduce air pollution in our local area, which links to our learning about the Global Development Goals.

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Air pollution song

We worked with Dionne to write lyrics for a song to raise awareness of the problem of air pollution. After that, we worked collaboratively as a year group to vote for our favourite lyrics and then perform them.

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In Term 3, we learnt about how people's actions have an effect on the environment and the animals living within those habitats. In particular, we will be exploring climate change, deforestation, waste, bio-diversity and endangered species.


In Term 2, we learnt about the Sun and why we have day and night and we explored the phases of the Moon. We learnt about the Space Race, exploring how the Moon Landing inspired the astronaut Chris Hadfield to achieve his dream of travelling into space. We also learnt about the planets in our Solar System before designing our own habitable planet.


This year our first topic was the Terrible Tudors! As part of this topic we will be exploring the lives of the different Tudor monarchs, particularly focusing on the changes brought about by Henry VIII. We will also seek to answer the children’s questions about daily life in Tudor times, including a focus on Tudor food, school and the War of the Roses.

Tudor warships

We worked in teams to design and build Tudor warships, after learning about the Mary Rose. Our designs needed to be waterproof and able to carry lots of cargo!

Visit to the Red Lodge

We had a brilliant time visiting the Red Lodge, which is a Tudor house in central Bristol. It was owned by a wealthy Tudor, who hosted lavish parties in the building. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Dame Joan, the lady of the house. We took part in a carousel of activities, including learning about Tudor toys, the Tudor diet and sketching portraits of Dame Joan and the beautiful decorations inside Red Lodge.

home learning ideas

Here are a few ideas of things you could do at home to help support learning.


In Maths this term, we will be developing our understanding of tenths as fractions and decimals, as well as revising calculation strategies for the four operations.

Throughout Year 3, we are learning how to add and subtract using written and mental methods. Year 3s need to be able to add and subtract 3-digit numbers and ones/tens /hundreds e.g. 456 - 23. Here are a few websites you can try. When doing anything on the internet, always ask an adult to help you so you can stay safe online.

See the images for examples of how we add and subtract in Year 3. 

Throughout Year 3, we are learning how to multiply and divide using written and mental methods. Year 3s need to know the 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8 times tables and use these to solve division problems. They also need to be able to multiply a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number using these times tables. See above for examples of how we multiply and divide in Year 3.


This term in English, we will be writing from different perspectives when we explore the foundation myth of Rome- Romulus and Remus, creating instructions for a centurion to help him train his legionaries to invade Britannia, writing persuasive speeches for Boudicca to inspire the Celtic tribes to rise up against Roman tyranny, and reporting on the assassination of Julius Caesar in newspaper articles.

In Spelling, we are learning about homophones, the prefixes auto- and super- and practising proof-reading.

Throughout Year 3, we will be revisiting about the different word classes (nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions and pronouns). You could try seeing how many of these different word classes you can spot in your reading book. 

When doing anything on the internet, always ask an adult to help you so you can stay safe online. (Noun song) (Adjectives Song) (Adverbs songs) (Verb rap) (Prepositions song)