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Redfield ET primary school is committed to communication and engagement with families within the school and the wider community. Please call on 0117 379 0777 or email if you have any queries not answered in the section below.


Seesaw and Tapestry are the easiest way to make an appointment for a meeting or video call with your child’s teacher. You are also welcome to email the head teacher (Sophie Westerwijk) with any questions, concerns or ideas at  We are always happy to arrange a meeting or have conversations over the phone. During Covid restrictions, we can’t have conversations on the playground but there is always a member of SLT on the gates for quick questions. To pass on a message to any member of staff, please ring the office on 0117 379 0777.


All parents are asked to sign up to Arbor in order to assist us with keeping contact details and other important information up-to-date. We use Arbor to manage payments for trips, wrap around care and lunches. You can access Arbor by downloading the app or by visiting and then following these steps:

  1. Type in the email address you have given to the school
  2. Select ‘First Time Logging In’
  3. Type in the same email address again
  4. Choose your own password
  5. A pop-up will appear asking you to verify access by giving the Date of Birth of your child named in the pop-up. If you have more than one child at the school, it will give you the name of which child they want you to use to verify the account.

Please ring the office if you need any help with Arbor (0117 379 0777)


We regularly send out newsletters. To lessen the impact on the environment, we only have electronic versions of the newsletters, which are sent via Seesaw and Tapestry.



Parents/carers can see their child’s online learning journals on Tapestry (if their child is in Reception or Y1) or Seesaw (if their child is in Year 2 or above). From Sept 2021, Y1 will use SeeSaw instead of Tapestry. This is also a means for messages to be sent out to families and for families to contact teachers. For details on how to get set up on Tapestry or Seesaw, please contact the school office or your child’s class teacher.

Most of our information and messages are sent via SeeSaw or Tapestry.

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Reception Intake 2023

Applications for intake into Reception 2023  closed on 15th January 2023. Redfield Educate Together has 60 available reception places.

To make a late application, please contact your home Local Authority.

National Offer day for places is the 17th April: parents who have applied for a school place before the deadline, will receive an email or letter on this day.

If the school receives more than 60 applications for spaces an over-subscription criteria will be applied to allocate spaces. Further details can be found in our Admissions Policy

If unsuccessful for a place this year in Reception, we have a waiting list which you may join. If you wish to appeal about an unsuccessful application, we follow the Admissions Appeals detailed here. 

In-Year Admissions 

All in year admissions are managed by the school. Please email the school office at or phone us on 0117 379 0777 to arrange a visit. To apply for a space, please complete the in year admission form and email it to the office. Paper copies can be collected from the school office. All applications for In-Year Admission will be handled within 10 working, school days or less.

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Thank you for considering us as a school for your child to attend in September 2023. Admissions are now closed for this year group but you can still make a late application via the BCC website.

If you are considering an In-Year transfer, we would like to invite you into Redfield Educate Together so that you can get a better understanding of our community and the people within it.  On your tour, you will be able to have a glimpse into the playing and learning in Reception as well as seeing the learning taking place in the rest of our school.

Please book a place by calling the office on 0117 379 0777.

Reception Class 2024 tours: We will begin a series of school tours for 2024 parents and carers in Sept 2023. Dates will be confirmed and tickets will be available using the Eventbrite booking system.

We look forward to seeing you then.

Thanks, The Staff at Redfield Educate Together

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Redfield Educate Primary – each class aims to hold and events to excite pupils about their learning.  Many of the events can be attended by families. Please see the links below for current details. These dates are also added to the school calendar.

To see our events scheduled for academic year 23/24 please click below:

Calendar of events 2324

Calendar of events 2223


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Hello, my name is Imrana Bashir and I am the Family Support Worker at Redfield Educate Together.

My job is to help children thrive in school by providing support to their families when needed. I work with families to help improve communication, increase engagement and help solve issues that are affecting children’s safety, wellbeing and success at school. I can support families to improve children’s:

  • attendance and punctuality
  • self-esteem and confidence
  • positive behaviour and attitudes to learning.

I can provide practical support, advice and information about other services in the area that may help the family.

I work Mon-Thurs and in line with Covid rules, I can talk to you via phone or video call. When restrictions lift, I will be able to meet with you at home or in school

How to get in touch:

Please call the school office on (0117) 379 0777 to make an appointment

I can also be contacted via email:


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Welcome to Redfield’s PTA (known as FORET) page. Here we will share what exciting things we have helped to plan for the pupils of Redfield Educate Together

FORET Spending 

FORET asked the children at Redfield to have a vote on how they would like FORET to spend some of the PTA money.

This is what the children voted:
• Outside bookcase – 32
• Indoor bookcase – 16
• Outside benches – 178
• Big books – 21
• Wet play games – 69
We are very fortunate that FORET have agreed to put money towards all but the indoor bookcases. They are currently working hard with Hannah Gully to get these ordered. We will put up some pictures once the items have arrived.

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Thank you for your interest in helping the children. We are always looking for people to help the school in a variety of ways so if you are able to spare some time, please contact either the office, class teacher or email Below is more information on how to help with reading, trips or swimming but if you have any skills or talents that you are able to share with the children, please let us know. Any volunteers that are helping on a regular basis must have a DBS certificate. Please let us know if you need our help with applying for one.

Help with trips

Reading with Children

Being a volunteer in school would mean adhering to our policies, procedures and ethos. This will be discussed with you at an induction meeting before starting volunteering in school. Training will also be provided where needed.

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Feb 6th, 2023

SCIENCE WEEK: This week is national Science Week, with a theme of ‘Connections’.

We have an action packed week of activities, including an Explosive Assembly, mini-exhibit boxes from We The Curious and some Cubelots and Ozobots, for programming fun, from Soltech IT.

Check out pictures in the Events Tab. on Our Curriculum page.

Jan 20th 2023

Redfield Forest School: Learning Support Assistant, Mike, a fully trained Forest School practitioner has started a programme for small groups of pupils within the school. The focus of Forest School allows children to experience creative activities in a woodland environment. Activities are child-led, mini-projects (such as bug hotels) and encourage wellbeing and team work.

Redfield Educate Together Forest School

Hot Chocolate Circle: Jan 2023

We have begun a new initiative to reward behaviour that demonstrates our values as a school: Be Kind, Be Ready, Be Safe.

Pupils are invited to Hot Chocolate Circle, to spend time recognising their contribution.

Redfield Educate Together Primary Rewards

November 2022:

We are excited to share our video on The Redfield Way with our community.

July 2022:

We have achieved a Gold Award by the Rights Respecting schools.

 Find out more about the scheme here.

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School Newsletters:

Find out about what we have been up to in school and any important information that you need to know by looking at our latest newsletters.

Virtual newsletter, 24.3.23

You can find previous virtual newsletters in our YouTube playlist here.




Newsletter – Term 2 Week 2 11 11 2022

Newsletter – Term 1 week 6 14102022

Newsletter – Term 2 Week 4 25 11 2022




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At Redfield ET Primary, we are keen to open up our facilities for local community group lettings. Due to COVID, this has not been possible in the last year but we hope to be able to start taking bookings soon.  If you are interested in hiring our hall or astro pitch, please contact the office by email or phone on 0117 379 0777, to register your interest.

Please note: Our Lettings Policy and schedule of charges is currently under review and will be available before re-opening.

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A Message from Parent Gym

Dear Parents,
You may have attended one of the Parent Gym programmes that we previously hosted. Although face-to-face programmes are not currently possible, Parent Gym are providing online support for all parents.
You are invited to join the Parent Gym: parenting through uncertainty Facebook group, to share stories, thoughts, tips and ideas on how we are managing to adjust to this challenging period in our lives. You are very welcome to join the group whether or not you have attended a Parent Gym programme in the past. This invitation also extends to parents outside our school, so if you would like to share with friends please do; we’re all there to support each other.
The Parent Gym programme is also being translated into a digital offer that will be made freely available, to help parents with tips and strategies for the new situation that we are all facing. More details will be shared soon.
Useful links:


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The Safeguarding Team

if you have concerns about a child, please contact one of the members of staff below.

Screenshot 2020-09-09 at 11.30.24.png

Phelim Byrne

Deputy Head

Designated Safeguarding Lead

      Sophie   Westerwijk


Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Imrana Bashir

Family Support

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead



Prevent Lead: Phelim Byrne

This school has responsibility for all aspects of children’s safety and wellbeing. This means that our safeguarding responsibilities include all potential risks to children. From 2015, all schools need to comply with the ‘Prevent Duty’ and ensure that we recognise and respond to any child appearing to be vulnerable to radicalisation.

Whilst this is likely to be a rare occurrence, we will offer support and guidance to any child who appears vulnerable to exploitation of this kind. Protecting children from the risk of radicalisation is seen to be a part of schools’ and childcare providers’ wider safeguarding duties and is similar in nature to protecting children from other harms, whether these come from within their family or are the product of outside influences.

We will actively assess the risk of children being drawn into terrorism. Staff will be alert to changes in children’s behaviour which could indicate that they may be in need of help or protection. Staff will use their professional judgement to identify children who may be at risk of radicalisation and act appropriately, which may include making a referral to the Channel programme. The school will work with Bristol Children Safeguarding Board (BCSB) as appropriate.

The school’s designated safeguarding lead will undertake Prevent awareness training to be able to offer advice and support to other staff on how to protect children against the risk of radicalisation. Staff undertake training in identifying the risk indicators and their duties regarding preventing radicalisation. any member of staff who identifies such concerns, as a result of observed behaviour or reports of conversations, must report these to the Designated Safeguarding Lead/Prevent Lead.

Young Carers

Young Carers Lead: Imrana Bashir

Young carers are those under 18 who help look after a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition, or drug or alcohol problem. Young carers may be looking after a parent or a sibling, doing extra jobs in and around the home, such as cooking, cleaning or more physical help such as helping someone get dressed and move around. They may also be providing emotional support. As a school, we can provide support. Please get in touch with Imrana Bashir, our Family Support worker on 0117 379 0777 or The links below may also offer some advice.

Female Genita Mutilation (FGM)

FGM Lead: Imrana Bashir/Sarah Hunt

All practitioners who work in health, education and social care have a statutory duty to report all cases of FGM in under 18 year olds to the police. If you have concerns or would like to discuss this matter further, please make an appointment with one of the safeguarding team. The websites below offer support and advice around FGM.




0800 028 355

Child Criminal and Sexual Exploitation

CCE Lead: Phelim Byrne

CSE Lead (including Harmful Sexual Behaviour): Sarah Hunt

Child criminal exploitation is child abuse where children and young people are manipulated and coerced into committing crimes. This often, but not always, is linked with gang activity. Gangs can come in the form of peer gangs, treat gangs and organised criminal gangs. It is not illegal for a young person to be in a gang – there are different types of ‘gang’ and not every ‘gang’ is criminal or dangerous. However, gang membership can be linked to illegal activity, particularly organised criminal gangs involved in trafficking, drug dealing and violent crime. Organised criminal gangs groom children and young people because they’re less suspicious and are given lighter sentences than adults.

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse. When a child or young person is exploited, they’re given things like gifts, drugs, money, status and affection in exchange for performing sexual activities. Children and young people are often tricked into believing they’re in a loving consensual relationship. This is called grooming. They may trust their abuser and not understand they’re being abused. CSE can happen in person or online, such as encouraging the child to send sexually explicit images of themselves or have sexual conversations. An abuser will gain a child’s trust before moving onto abusing them. This can happen in a short period of time. To report sexual exploitation, call 999 if the child is at immediate risk or call 101 if you think a crime has been committed. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or report online using the link below.

Private fostering

Private Fostering and Looked After Children Lead: Phelim Byrne

What is private fostering?

Private fostering is the name for an informal arrangement made by parents for a child to live with another family.

A child is automatically being privately fostered if they are:

  • Under the age of 16 (or 18 if they’re disabled), and

  • They are being provided with accommodation by someone who is not a close relative. A close relative is an aunt, uncle, step-parent, grandparent or sibling, but not a cousin, grand aunt/uncle or a family friend, and

  • It is intended that the young person will be provided with accommodation for a period of 28 days or more.

Why some children and young people are privately fostered

Here are some of the more common examples of private fostering:

  • Children living with a friend’s family as a result of parental separation, divorce or arguments at home,

  • Teenagers living with friends or extended family following problems at home,

  • Children whose parents work or study at unsociable hours, making it difficult for them to use ordinary day care or after school care,

  • Children sent to this country for education or health care by birth parents living overseas.

It is not private fostering if:

  • Bristol Council makes the arrangement for the child or young person to live with an approved foster carer,

  • The carer is a legal parent by birth or adoption,

  • The carer has a legal order which gives them parental responsibility,

  • The arrangement lasts for less than 28 days.

Other Specialist Safeguarding Topics:

Graded Care Profile: Phelim Byrne

Serious Case Review Learning Facilitator: Phelim Byrne

Children Missing in Education: Phelim Byrne

Domestic Abuse: Imrana Bashir

Children Affected by Parental Offending/Children Affected by Parental Imprisonment: Imrana Bashir

Homelessness: Imrana Bashir

Substance Misuse: Imrana Bashir

Safeguarding linked to Special Educational Needs: Steven Baxter

Safeguarding through the RSHE Curriculum Development: Emily Griffiths

Safeguarding through Learn Together Curriculum Development: Scott Freeman

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Term dates can be downloaded here:

23-24 term dates calendar

Key Dates to note are:

TERM 1 2023


Friday 1st September 2023

Monday 4th September 2023

HALF TERM: Monday 23rd October – Friday 27th October 2023



Monday 30th October 2023


Monday 18th December 2023 – Monday 1st January 2024



Friday 26th January 2024


Monday 12th February – Fri 16th February 2024



Friday 29th March – Friday 12th April 2024



Monday 6th May 2024


Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May 2024



Monday 22nd July 2024

Tuesday 23rd July 2024 (tbc)


Friday 19th July 2024 (tbc)


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We will provide as much information as possible to support pupils and parents in the transition to secondary, including details relating to the application process.

Admissions Process

We arranged a  meeting with Bristol School Admissions to explain the secondary application process. You can see the presentation here.

Top Tips from Bristol Admissions:

  • Find out your Priority Area school. This may not be the school that is closest to you. Make sure that you list your Priority Area school as one of the 3 preferences otherwise you run the risk of your child being allocated a space at a school far away.

  • If your child has an EHCP, then apply through the Bristol SEN Team.

  • Check the school’s admission criteria. Some schools allocate spaces on a random allocation, some take very few pupils, some require supplementary information.

  • Use all 3 preferences. Think ‘If we were to be offered a space at all 3 schools, which would I prefer?’ The order in which you put the schools has no bearing on how places are allocated e.g. first choice doesn’t get first priority.

  • Make your own opinion about a school. Every child is unique and someone else’s experience may not be the same as your child’s.

  • Do not leave the application to the last minute in case of any issues when submitting it.

  • Changes can be made up until midnight on 31st October.

  • Accept the place you’re offered. If you would prefer another school, ask to go on the waiting list for that school. You can contact Bristol Admissions to discuss changing school preferences after offer day if offered a school far away. These spaces would be allocated in the second round of applications in May/June.

  • You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you have submitted the application. If you don’t receive this immediately, check that you have actually submitted the form. Check your Junk folder. Contact Bristol Admissions if you have any problems.

  • Check all details in your application very carefully. Changes made after 31st October would mean going into the second round of applications.

  • Have a look at how the secondary schools allocated spaces last year as a guide. Any schools not listed mean that everyone who applied was offered a space.

  • Email if you have any questions or need any help.

Application Process and Timeline

If your child was born between 1 September 2009 and 31 August 2010, you need to apply in the Autumn Term 2020 for a new Year 7 secondary place for admission into secondary in September 2021. You can apply online from 12th September 2020. You will receive an email confirmation of your application. If you need support with the admission form, please let us know as soon as possible.

Before you apply:

  • Check the application timetable below:

    12th Sept 2020 – Applications open

    31st Oct 2020 – Final date for applications

    6th Nov 2020 – Final date for changes of address

    1st Mar 2021 – Offers of a school place sent to parents/carers, including offers from other local authority schools

    By 15 Mar 2021 – Parents/carers must respond to the offer of a school place

    May – Second round allocations for late applications (received after 31st Oct or those changed after 6th Nov)

    May/June – Appeals

  • Check your Local Authority area here. If you live in Bristol and pay your council tax to Bristol City Council, you need to apply through Bristol School Admissions, even if you would like your child to attend a secondary school in another local authority area.

You can express a preference for up to three schools in order of preference from one to three. If your child qualifies for a place at more than one of your preferred schools, the highest ranked preference school will be offered to you and lower ranked preferences withdrawn.

Some schools require you to complete a supplementary information form as well as the Bristol City Council application form. You need to contact the schools directly for their supplementary information form and find out from them the date you need to return the form to the school:

  • Bristol Cathedral Choir School Music Aptitiude Test applications only

  • St Bede’s Catholic College

  • St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School

  • St Mary Redcliffe and Temple CE VA Secondary School

  • Trinity Academy music aptitude test applications only

The following schools have exceptional medical and social needs as part of their admissions policy. Read the schools’ admissions policies for details of how to apply under this criteria:

  • Fairfield High School – applications for a child with exceptional social or medical needs must be supported by a letter from the child’s paediatrician, consultant, GP or specialist

  • Oasis Academy, Brightstowe

  • Oasis Academy, Brislington

Open Events

Due to the current pandemic, many secondary schools are having to hold open events remotely. We will be updating this area of the page whenever we receive new information about the open events planned for secondary schools locally. Please click on the school name to be taken to the school’s website.

City Academy –  A virtual tour, an introduction to City Academy from the Principal, and a live Q&A session to be held on 1st October. For further details, follow this link.

St. Mary Redcliffe – An online presentation is available on their website. For further details, follow this link.

Bristol Brunel Academy – A virtual open event was held on 24th September. The recording of this event is available on BBA’s website here

John Cabot Academy – Open afternoons available between 21st September and 23rd October with limited availability. For further details and to book, follow this link.

Bristol Metropolitan Academy – A virtual tour and an introduction to Bristol Metropolitan Academy from the Principal is available on their website. For further details, follow this link.

Fairfield High School – A virtual open event has already taken place, however recordings of the event can be accessed here.

Hanham Woods Academy – A virtual presentation with virtual tour is available on the school website:  If you like what you see, contact the school to arrange an individual appointment available over the following three weeks between 4pm and 6pm

Cotham School – A virtual open event has already taken place. Recordings of the event can be accessed here.

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