Welcome to Redfield Educate Together Primary Academy.

The school opened its doors in 2014. In September 2015 we moved into a new, purpose built school on Avonvale Road. 

Educate Together primary schools are a new type of school being offered to families in England for the first time. They are a model of primary school that has been successfully developed over the past 35 years. The model and its special ethical education curriculum, the Learn Together Curriculum, are particularly suited to the education of children for life in today's diverse and globalised world.

We are building a nurturing, equality-based school where no child is an outsider. We develop the whole child, encouraging their individuality, respecting each child's identity and respecting that of their family equally.

The school works hard to create a positive, comfortable atmosphere. The underlying concept is that human diversity enhances life, enriches culture and provides huge educational resources for current society and its future social, cultural and economic prosperity.

Ros Farrell, Headteacher

Ros Farrell, Headteacher

We teach the National Curriculum alongside our ethical curriculum encouraging high standards in academic and non-academic subjects.

If you would like to find out more about us either as a future parent, or member of staff please contact us.

We would like to work closely with local communities so please get in touch at info@redfieldet.org.uk  or by phone on 0117 379 0777.

Have your say on the school plan

The Academy Development Council are consulting on the School Plan. We welcome thoughts from parents, future parents, local community and staff on what key skills, competencies and experiences you wish the children to have before they leave. Follow this link to find more details.

Ethical Education Training

From time to time we offer training for teachers and others working in Primary Education on aspects of our Learn Together Ethical Curriculum.


Reception September 2016

Please see the Admissions 2016 page for details of the admissions policy. All applications must be made through Bristol City Council Primary School Admissions. All our spaces are now full for 2016 and we have a waiting list - please phone the office if you would like to join that.

Reception September 2017

We will be holding open days in October/November 2016 for September 2017 entry. Dates will be advertised in September 2016.

What is Educate Together?

or the Educate Together UK site click here

Educate Together is an educational charity that already runs 80+ successful primary and secondary schools in Ireland. Educate Together schools in Ireland are extremely popular and heavily oversubscribed. Download our What Is An Educate Together School? booklet here. 

What is the school like?

The foundation of the school is that children of all social, cultural and religious backgrounds are respected and have equal rights. It teaches the National Curriculum and alongside it a broad ethical and moral education curriculum. The school is child-centred, democratically run and actively encourages parental involvement in all aspects of school life.

The school opened in September 2014 moving into a brand new state-of-the-art school in September 2015.

Why did Redfield need a new school?

The school opened to address an acute shortage of primary school places in BS5 and in Redfield in particular. It has been established with the support  of a local parents’ group and operates alongside, and co-operates with, Bristol CC and the existing primary schools in the area. Government policy means that all new schools must now either be academies or free schools. We now have 120 pupils.