The Educate Together Academy Trust

This oversees the functions of the school and is responsible for the direction of the schools, the implementation of the ethos and core principles, finance and standards. There are accountable for the school.

Details of the Trust and its membership can be found on the main ETAT website here

DfE Statement
“We have high expectations of governing bodies (Academy Boards). They are the strategic leaders of our schools and have a vital role to play in making sure every child gets the best possible education.” 
In all types of schools, Governors/Boards should have a strong focus on three core strategic functions, with accountabilities defined in the scheme of delegation which the Board draws up:

 Three core functions of governance (the Board and committees)
1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
2. Holding the headteachers to account for educational performance of the school and its pupils
3. Overseeing the financial performance and probity of the schools and Trust and making sure its money is well spent

Academy Development Committee

There are elections for the two parent Committee Members every two years. The next will be Feb 2020.

The overall objective of the Academy Development Committee (ADC) is as a Committee of the Board focusing on educational performance (attainment and progress), curriculum and ethos, safeguarding

It also has a focus of the democratic principle of the ethos - that the academy will be “Democratically run - with active participation of the parents in the life of the school, whilst positively affirming the professional role of the teachers.”  This principle is based on the almost universal evidence that a school that embraces parental, family and community input most effectively addresses the learning needs of its children.

The current (2018/19) Redfield ADC focus includes:

  • Monitoring schools standards (maths, reading and writing)

  • Parent engagement / democracy

  • Development of School Plan (non-curriculum areas)

  • Monitoring and championing the Learn Together Curriculum

  • Any other areas delegated by the Educate Together Academy Trust (eg. monitoring policies which have school specific variations).


Who is on the ADC?

Andy Paterson-Jones, Parent Nominee and Chair 

Niki Herczeg, Staff Nominee                      

Laura Clarke, Teacher Nominee                            

Ros Farrell, Headteacher

Fiona Lynch, Parent Nominee                              

Dr Shelley McKeown Jones, Trust Nominee              

Joanna Hawkins, Community Member

Vacancy for a Community Member


The ADC is made up of:

·       One male and one female parent

·       One teacher and one support staff

·       Headteacher

·       Two council members appointed by the Educate Together Academy Trust

·       Two wider community representatives chosen by the seven members detailed above.

 How long is the term of the parent representatives?

2 Years (from April 2018)

What is the time commitment of being a ADC representative?

Minimum 6 hours per term. You will be expected to attend 6 x meetings per year (1.5 hours long) and to read papers beforehand. You will also be invited to be involved in specific tasks/working groups in between meetings. The ADC currently meets early evening on the third Monday of each term.

 Is the ADC like a traditional board of school Governors?

No, things are organised differently with Academies. The statutory governance responsibilities sit with the Educate Together Academy Trust board (ETAT). The ADC’s in each Educate Together school support the ETAT board and may undertake some delegated responsibilities.

Will I get an induction?

Yes. Prior to your first meeting you will receive an informal induction from the current ADC Chair. The existing parent representatives will also be present at the first meeting you attend, so there is a chance for handover/questions.

Do I need to have DBS check (criminal records check) do be on the ADC?

Yes, as with all voluntary roles which may bring you into contact with children you will need a DBS check. This will be processed and paid for by the school. You will need to provide ID/documents for this to be processed.

Will there be any opportunities for training/development?

There will be opportunities to attend school/ETAT training sessions throughout your term (eg. Child safe guarding, Learn Together curriculum). This is a voluntary role but any modest costs associated by attending training may be reimbursed.

What sort of things might I expect to be doing as an ADC parent representative?

·       Attending termly meetings (6 x yearly, 5.15pm, third Monday of each term)

·       Reviewing policies, liaising with ETAT board members

·       Review and monitor school standards data

·       Helping to promote the school through local networks/meetings

·       Monitoring the delivery of the Learn Together curriculum in school

What type of skills made a good council member?

     Positive attitude

     Likes working with others even if they disagree

     Happy to make decisions

     A good communicator

     Open-minded and easy to get along with

     Able to deal with conflict

     Able to not take things personally and not let things be taken personally.

     Builds consensus and agreement

     Commitment to the Educate Together ethos

Other skills that would be useful are:

     Knowledge of the community in which the school is located

     A good understanding of the Educate Together ethos (or willingness to learn)

     Understanding of the English primary school system, rules and regulations (or willingness to learn)

     Experience of Human Resource/General Business Management/Community Development/Charity governance

     Personal and professional integrity

Any other questions?

Come along to one of the informal information sessions.

Biographies of current Redfield ADC representatives

Joanna Poole (Community Representative)

I'm from Bristol originally and live just down the road from Redfield ET. I am passionate about education and giving all children the best possible start in life and wanted to use that to contribute to my local community. As my step daughter doesn’t go to school locally, I wanted to get involved with a school in the area and was really impressed with Redfield Educate Together’s ethos.

I have worked in the education sector for nearly 10 years. The organisation I work for trains education professionals, from HLTAs and Early Years Teachers through to Executive Head Teachers. I hope that the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from my roles may be of use to the ACD and therefore to improving the children’s education and attainment and of course supporting the school’s staff.

Shelley McKeown-Jones (ETAT Nominee)

I am a Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology at the University of Bristol’s School of Education. My research focuses broadly on understanding how to improve intergroup relations in diverse and conflict settings. I have been a member of the Academy Development Council (ADC) at Redfield Educate Together Academy for the past 2 years. I am particularly interested in supporting the School in its embedding of the Learn Together curriculum as well as understanding how the curriculum and associated practice links with existing social psychological theory and research.

Ros Farrell (Headteacher) 

I have been Headteacher at Redfield since April 2014. Before that I was a Headteacher at two other primary schools having worked as a South Glos LA consultant in primary teaching and learning focussing on Maths and primary languages. I started teaching as a second career in primary schools across all ages. Before that I worked for a major - multinational company. 

I also carry out the role of CEO across all our 4 schools helping them embed our unique ethos and the Learn Together curriculum.

Laura Clarke (Teacher Nominee)

I am the SENCo (Special Education Needs Co-ordinator) at Redfield Educate Together. I started teaching at the school in its second year and have taught years 1 and 4 as a class teacher here. This year I am a full-time SENCo and, as inclusive, equitable education is a real passion of mine, I am excited to have more time to support children with additional needs and their families across the school. Having been a teacher across a variety of schools over the last 16 years, I truly believe that the ethos embedded in Educate Together schools, coupled with the Learn Together Curriculum, provides children with the ethical curriculum and experiences that they need to be world citizens. Having taught at Redfield for the last four years, I wanted to become involved in the ADC to further develop my links with the parents, staff and wider community to continue its development and enhance the importance of the ethos of the school.

Niki Herczeg (Staff Nominee)

 I work as a Teaching Assistant at Redfield ET and this is the start of my second year at the school. Previously, I worked in Early Years for 11 years. I find being a teaching assistant very rewarding and I like to embrace the challenge of working in a classroom environment; constantly having to adopt a variety of strategies tailored to each child’s learning needs. The reason I joined Redfield ET is because I share the school’s values and ethos and feel proud of being part of a rights respecting school that empowers children to make informed decisions. I chose to join the ADC so that I can take an active role in the process of the school’s development whilst making a valuable contribution to children's learning. I am looking forward to working in partnership with parents and other professionals whilst finding out more about the local community where I live. Being part of the ADC will also enable me to learn new skills and gain invaluable knowledge that I can implement in my role as a teaching assistant. 

Community Representative 2 – current vacancy

If you would like to see a copy of the minutes please ask the office