Reception Topic Web - Summer 1



Starfish enjoyed planting their own beans. They followed instructions to plant their beans and then have been watching them grow, keeping diaries and measuring how tall they are. 


As part of our 'Walking through the jungle' topic both Reception classes visited the zoo. We enjoyed visiting the zoo and seeing all of the different animals. We had a 'jungle boogie' workshop and even got to hold some cockroaches and stroke a stick insect and a snake. 


After buying our ingredients we wrote instructions to tell us how to make jam sandwiches. Then we followed our instructions to make jam sandwiches. They were delicious! 


As part of our food topic, Starfish and Seahorse class visited Tesco and Aldi. In Tesco we enjoyed using the self service checkout to buy our Chinese food and in Aldi we joined the queue to pay for our jam sandwich ingredients. 


Reception have been reading 'Oliver's vegetables'. We designed our own vegetable soup before chopping the vegetables and making it. Tori kindly cooked it for us and we ate it. Our soup was delicious!  


As part of our week about 'Oliver's vegetables' the children visited the fruit and veg shop on Church Road. We chose some items to buy, weighed them and paid the man our money. 


For Harvest, Toru made us some bread dough which we made into our own hedgehogs. 


As part of our 'World Carnival' topic we had a drumming workshop with Chango music. The children each played an African drum and learnt some African phrases. 


To start our new topic 'Food Glorious Food' and our Goldilocks and the Three Bears story we had porridge left by Goldilocks for breakfast. Goldilocks and the three bears served us our porridge, it was delicious! 



In Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum using the development matters to support our teaching and assessment.

Click here for link to curriculum.  

Children in our Reception classes learn through an exciting, play based approach between our open-plan reception classes and the outdoor area. Staff plan different play based activities across the curriculum related to our theme or topic for the half term and children have access to these throughout the day along with additional resources for them to initiate their own ideas. We encourage children to be independent in our environment but staff are also there to get involved with their play activities. We love creative activities and are often found in our role play area, whether we are a pig from the 3 little pigs or a pilot flying our plane around the world! Children are involved in deciding upon the topics or themes that we cover and our topic based lessons are taught through floor book sessions. Floorbook sessions are led by the children whereby they decide on questions that they would like to find out the answers too; we then use google and books to research the answer and follow up with art or DT based activities and writing challenges related to their questions. Children are encouraged to voice their ideas and opinions and from the onset are taught to be responsible and respectful for all areas of their lives. Our children love learning and enjoy sharing their play and experiences with their friends! 

In addition to the above we teach literacy and maths carpet sessions in a hands on way and following this the children work with adults on a focussed activity to support their individual learning. As the children become more independent we build up to focus time so that the children are all able to carry out short independent tasks linked to the literacy or maths we are covering. We also follow 'Letter and Sounds’ to deliver daily phonics lessons to the children, supporting them to develop their reading and writing skills. To support the children’s early writing skills we have regular write dance sessions which encourages the children to develop and strengthen vital muscles to aid their pencil control. 

Our children’s learning is shared with parents on Tapestry through photographs and written observations and parents/carers are actively encouraged to upload their own photographs and experiences from home. We aim to share and reflect with the children about their learning by regularly sharing their learning journeys via Tapestry as well as WOW moments. 

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To find out about the Learn Together Curriculum click here.

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