Reception Topic Web - Spring 2



Weston- Super- Mare

We had a brilliant trip to Weston- Super- Mare, the children loved playing in the sand and built some amazing sand castles. The highlight of the trip was the donkey rides and a yummy ice cream! 

Cooking with toru

Reception learnt how to make a Salad Nicoise with Toru. The children chopped the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, green beans and egg before adding the tuna. It was delicious!

Spring 2 - Commotion in the ocean 

Science Week

We loved doing lots of different experiments during science week. On Monday, we went to each year group and carried out our own scientific investigations. We were very lucky to have a ‘Silly Science’ workshop; we helped to launch rockets and create explosions! 

Bristol Aquarium

What a brilliant first trip for Reception! We spent the day at Bristol aquarium learning about lots of different sea creatures. We explored the aquarium with a tour guide and found out some interesting information about our favourite animals, we even feed some of the fish and sting rays. We had a short workshop and we were able to touch some shark’s teeth (one tooth was over 200 million years old!)  and we even saw a model of a Megladon shark’s jaw… it was taller than us! In the afternoon, we had another chance to explore the aquarium and have a look at the animals in our small groups, we spotted lots of starfish and seahorses! 

World Book Day

The children all looked fantastic in their World Book Day costumes. We had a lovely day enjoying a variety of books in the library and even had a visit from a story teller! Throughout the day, all the classes were delivered a special book and we can’t wait to read it.

Junk Modelling

For our topic about ‘Commotion in the Ocean’, we have been learning about different sea creatures. We were very lucky to have lots of adults come and help us to create some of our favourites using junk modelling. The creatures are on display in the hallway and we are very proud of them. 

Playing the clarinet

The children are continuing their music lessons and this week we were able to have a go at playing the clarinet. It was a lot of fun!

Spring 1 - Weather watch



Redfield had some very special visitors this week; Teasel and Pixie the donkeys! The children were very excited to meet them and even had the chance to stroke and brush the donkeys. The donkeys were very friendly and were in the playground all day, so we could visit them throughout the day.

Stick Man Puppet show

Seahorse and Starfish class both enjoyed watching the story of Stick Man come to life in a puppet show. During the term, the children have received letters from Stick Man asking for help to find his way back to the stick family tree, so it was great to see him reunited with his family. The children joined in with parts of the story that they knew well. 

Autumn 2 - dinosaurs 

Dinosaur Drumming Workshop

This week, the children have enjoyed participating in a drumming workshop, pretending to be dinosaurs! We played the drums to sound like a dinosaur hatching from its egg. Some of us then pretended to be the dinosaur and as we stomped around the other children hit their drums. We even had a volcano erupting, which made a very loud noise! 

Making Biscuits

This week the children have been writing lists and buying ingredients to make shortbread biscuits for the Children in Need cake sale.  It was great fun mixing the ingredients together, rolling out the dough and cutting out the shapes. We iced our biscuits once they had cooled down. They were delicious and we raised lots of money!


This week during our music lessons, all the children had a chance to play the violin. 

Netham Park

It was our first trip together to Netham Park this week. The children loved playing on the swings and spinning on the roundabouts. Some of us made it to the very top of the climbing frame, and it was great fun sliding back down!

Autumn 1 

World Food Café

The children loved trying foods from across the world today at our World Food Café. All the children were able to choose a sweet and a savoury dish to taste. 

Finding The Stick Man Family Tree

In Reception, we have enjoyed reading about the adventures of Stick Man. When we received a postcard from Stick Man asking for help to find his family tree, the children went on a hunt around the playground and found the tree with Stick Lady Love and the stick children three. We have been busy making maps for Stick Man so that he can find his way home to his family.


Elmer Day Parade

In Reception, we have been reading the story of Elmer this week. We have discussed how Elmer, the patchwork elephant, feels being different. We thought about our own differences and what makes all of us unique and special. We celebrated with an Elmer Day Parade. The children all made patchwork ears and had lots of fun learning the Elmer song. Thank you for everyone who came to along!


Starfish and Seahorse classes enjoyed their first PE lesson with Shaun this week. We played a variety of games and pretended to be sharks in the ocean!


Starfish class saw an observation on Tapestry about magnets. We decided to investigate. Each child had a magnet and went around the classroom to find out which items and objects were magnetic. 

Our First Lunch

The children in Reception have enjoyed staying for school lunches. The food has been delicious and some of us even tried foods that we have not tasted before. We have been independent; collecting our food, taking it to the tables and then tidying up after ourselves.  We have also explored and had fun playing in the playground with the rest of the children from our new school.

Music Lessons

Seahorse and Starfish class have enjoyed their first music lesson this week. We used the tappers to play the drums and then learnt lots of new songs to sing. 


In Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum using the development matters to support our teaching and assessment.

Click here for link to curriculum.  

Children in our Reception classes learn through an exciting, play based approach between our open-plan reception classes and the outdoor area. Staff plan different play based activities across the curriculum related to our theme or topic for the half term and children have access to these throughout the day along with additional resources for them to initiate their own ideas. We encourage children to be independent in our environment but staff are also there to get involved with their play activities. We love creative activities and are often found in our role play area, whether we are a pig from the 3 little pigs or a pilot flying our plane around the world! Children are involved in deciding upon the topics or themes that we cover and our topic based lessons are taught through floor book sessions. Floorbook sessions are led by the children whereby they decide on questions that they would like to find out the answers too; we then use google and books to research the answer and follow up with art or DT based activities and writing challenges related to their questions. Children are encouraged to voice their ideas and opinions and from the onset are taught to be responsible and respectful for all areas of their lives. Our children love learning and enjoy sharing their play and experiences with their friends! 

In addition to the above we teach literacy and maths carpet sessions in a hands on way and following this the children work with adults on a focussed activity to support their individual learning. As the children become more independent we build up to focus time so that the children are all able to carry out short independent tasks linked to the literacy or maths we are covering. We also follow 'Letter and Sounds’ to deliver daily phonics lessons to the children, supporting them to develop their reading and writing skills. To support the children’s early writing skills we have regular write dance sessions which encourages the children to develop and strengthen vital muscles to aid their pencil control. 

Our children’s learning is shared with parents on Tapestry through photographs and written observations and parents/carers are actively encouraged to upload their own photographs and experiences from home. We aim to share and reflect with the children about their learning by regularly sharing their learning journeys via Tapestry as well as WOW moments. 

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