Year Three

Welcome to Year 3


Hummingbird class


Hummingbird is taught by Charlotte and Oliver (on Fridays) and the Learning Support Assistant is Louise.


We believe it is important to make learning interesting and exciting in Year 3 and we work hard to make sure that the learning is accessible to all children in our class.


Hummingbird Letter Term 5


Leopard Class


Leopard’s class teacher is Caitlin and the Learning Support Assistant is Howard.


We work our hardest to ensure every child can get the most out of their time in school and we try to make our learning as interactive and fun as we can!


Leopard Letter Term 5


Year 3 Learning


In Year 3 we build on the hard work done in Year 2 and start working on the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

Please see attached the all the phonemes and common exception words the children use to support their reading and writing.



Phonics Mat


Please read our letter for this term, and have a look at what learning we will be getting up to in our topic web!


Topic Web Term 5

Spelling Group 1 Term 5

Spelling Group 2 Term 5


Please see below an example timetable for our school week (please note, this is an example and may change)


Year 3 Timetable