Ofsted and Performance



A copy of our first Ofsted Report in June 2017 is available on the Ofsted website here. The overall outcome was Good with Outstanding for the Foundation Stage (Reception) provision. The next Ofsted Inspection took place in March 2023, this report is also available via the above link or you can print a copy from here.

Performance Tables


As the academic year 2020/21 was our first year with a Year 6, we currently do not appear on any performance tables.

Statutory Assessments


At Educate Together, we feel very strongly that children should be able to enjoy their learning without the shadow of statutory assessments hanging over them. We strive for excellence and high standards in every area of learning and do not restrict ourselves to narrow test criteria as the measure of our success. Statutory assessments for younger children e.g. GLD, phonics and some of the KS1 assessments mainly happen without the children even realising. Children in KS2 are aware of their assessments such as the Y4 Times Tables check and the Y6 SATs and we explain their purpose honestly and proportionately. We aim for high standards at the end of every year, so children are prepared and learn fully and broadly throughout their time here. We work hard to ensure statutory assessments do not compromise their overall school experience.

2022-23 results  – performance data pending



Children in Reception should achieve a Good Level of Development (GLD) against the Early Years framework. GLD is defined as children working at expected, or exceeding, the Early Learning Goal (ELG) in the following key areas: Literacy, Maths, Physical Development, Communication & Language and Personal, Social & Emotional Development.

Phonics screening


Children in Year One undertake a Phonics Screening Check to determine their ability to use phonics to decode words. Each child is presented with the same 40 words to decode. The pass mark is subject to change each year.

End of KS1 Assessments


Children in Year Two are assessed in Reading, Writing, Maths and Science using a combination of test papers and teacher assessment.


Percentage working At or Above Expected Standard (Working at Greater Depth)


Reading Redfield: 74% (GD – 18%). National: 75% (GD – 25%)


Writing Redfield: 72% (GD – 72%). National: 14% (GD – 15%)


Maths Redfield: 78% (GD – 16%). National: 76% (GD – 22%)


Science Redfield: 86% (GD – N/A). National: 82% (GD – N/A)