Transition to Secondary School

We will provide as much information as possible to support pupils and parents in the transition to secondary, including details relating to the application process.  To apply for a new year 7 secondary place ( click here.

Top Tips from Bristol Admissions:


  • Find out your Priority Area school. This may not be the school that is closest to you. Make sure that you list your Priority Area school as one of the 3 preferences otherwise you run the risk of your child being allocated a space at a school far away.
  • If your child has an EHCP, then apply through the Bristol SEN Team.
  • Check the school’s admission criteria. Some schools allocate spaces on a random allocation, some take very few pupils, some require supplementary information.
  • Use all 3 preferences. Think ‘If we were to be offered a space at all 3 schools, which would I prefer?’ The order in which you put the schools has no bearing on how places are allocated e.g. first choice doesn’t get first priority.
  • Make your own opinion about a school. Every child is unique and someone else’s experience may not be the same as your child’s.
  • Do not leave the application to the last minute in case of any issues when submitting it.
  • Changes can be made up until midnight on 31st October.
  • Accept the place you’re offered. If you would prefer another school, ask to go on the waiting list for that school. You can contact Bristol Admissions to discuss changing school preferences after offer day if offered a school far away. These spaces would be allocated in the second round of applications in May/June.
  • You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you have submitted the application. If you don’t receive this immediately, check that you have actually submitted the form. Check your Junk folder. Contact Bristol Admissions if you have any problems.
  • Check all details in your application very carefully. Changes made after 31st October would mean going into the second round of applications.
  • Have a look at how the secondary schools allocated spaces last year as a guide. Any schools not listed mean that everyone who applied was offered a space.