Admissions and FAQ's

National Offer day for places is the 16th April: parents who have applied for a school place before the deadline, will receive an email or letter on this day.

To make a late application, please contact your home local Authority.

If the school receives more than 60 applications for spaces an over-subscription criteria will be applied to allocate spaces. Further details can be found in our Admissions Policy

If unsuccessful for a place this year in Reception, we have a waiting list which you may join. If you wish to appeal about an unsuccessful application, we follow the Admissions Appeals detailed below:

Admissions Appeals


In-Year Admissions 

All in year admissions are managed by the school. Please email the school office at or phone us on 0117 379 0777 to arrange a visit. To apply for a space, please complete the in year admission form and email it to the office. Paper copies can be collected from the school office. All applications for In-Year Admission will be handled within 10 working, school days or less.


In Year Admissions Form